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Quote Number QUO-0016
Quote Date 29th October 2019
Total £250.00
Hogg Global Ltd

Hogg Global Ltd
Unit 17
Orcel Center
Wynyard Road
T25 3LB


Consultation with Hogg Global to discuss the development of a new website for the company. Consultation was to identify key content to be visible on the website as well as to identify key staff members who would be responsible for general admin on the website, including updating general content and social media field.

Data Protection laws where discussed in detail, and after consultation it was a agreed that a new website for Hogg Global Ltd will be developed.

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1 Website Consultancy

Includes consultancy work, and agreed to develop Hogg Global Ltd website and host securely for 1 year.

Sub Total £250.00
VAT £0.00
Total £250.00