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33 Kilwick Street
TS24 7QG
United Kingdom

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Quote Number QUO-0013
Quote Date 8th April 2019
Total £100.00
North Ormesby Neighbourhood Development Trust

1 days planned work to switch NONDET to the Google Drive platform. This will replace their current 'WDMyCloud', setup, which allows for remote access to files and documents within NONDET premises. This has become unsuitable for use due to WDMyCloud no longer supporting the use of software to access files.

Google Drive will be used to allow delegated staff to access files and documents from anywhere in the world using a strong username and password combination. Google Drove comes with 15GB of free storage, and should be suitable for NONDET's needs for at least 1-2 years.

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1 Site Visit to Setup or Install Equipment or Services £100.000.00%£100.00
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Total £100.00