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Quote Number QUO-0010
Quote Date 18th March 2019
Total £1,000.00
Shopmobility Hartlepool

The Legend of Skippy is delighted to offer Hartlepool Shopmobility a support contract, for the duration of 1 year, to aid in the upgrade and modernization of the services IT systems. This will enable the service to function more efficiently and is anticipated will provide the service a robust IT setup for between 7-10 years. After this time, due to the natural aging of equipment of the development of newer technologies, further major IT work will be required.

In order to provide Hartlepool Shopmobility with the required IT infrastructure they need, the following equipment and services will be put in place for staff at Shopmobility to use.

• 3 x Google Chromebook Laptops, for managing the service and access files and documents. These require internet access to use, so a wireless internet option will also be installed.

• 1 x A3 All-In-One Printer (printing up to A3 size) for use internally by Shopmobility staff.

• 1 x Wireless router – to replace the existing wired router, which urgently needs replacing.

• 1 x Google Drive Cloud Sharing System – for storing files and documents on the cloud, allowing them to be accessed anywhere in the world, and also through the Chromebooks, so that key members of staff can access files and documents relating to the running of Shopmobility from any location via a secure platform.

• 1 x WordPress website, with optional built in database to allow the service to be managed through the website. This will be secure and will allow people to hire equipment through the website, register as a member, and for the staff to organize equipment hire with a built in calendar system.

*** Optional Service ***

• Maintaining the existing database use by Shopmobility should they decide not to go along the website/database hybrid route.

Across all services, 12 months IT support will be provided by The Legend of Skippy. This support can be extended beyond the 1 year offer through additional costs.

Quote for service: £1,000 for 12 months IT support and equipment purchasing. Additional years of service at £250 / year (price may change over time, but will be notified of during renewal period),

This service can commence as soon as Shopmobility are happy to proceed, and new equipment will be purchased and set up within 2 months of the contract commencing.


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 12 months IT Support

Includes equipment procurement

Sub Total £1,000.00
VAT £0.00
Total £1,000.00