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Quote Number QUO-0006
Quote Date 21st August 2018
Total £3,973.00
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Box Youth Project IT Healthcheck carried out on 22/8/2018. All public IT equipment were set up as best as possible to allow seamless public use. However, in order for Box Youth Project to continue to provide digital services to the public, key equipment, and upgrades were identified in order to allow for modern approaches to delivering services. Please find below quotes for this new equipment.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Netgear Wireless Router

The current router has an intermittent fault that will only get worse. Suggested to purchase a new router, with high speed wifi, to enable better service use

5 Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Laptops

For use at Box Youth Project premises, and to be loaned to other hubs upon request

5 Lenovo Tab 4 10 Inch 16GB Tablets

For use at Box Youth Project premises, and to be loaned to other hubs upon request

1 NETGEAR GS116UK 16-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

Switch to enable internet connection throughout the building. Most new technology will be wireless, so less ports are needed for ethernet connections. The current switch is faulty, provides slow internet access, and needs replacing

1 Loxit Lapbank Laptop Charging Kit - Laptop Charging Trolley

Secure, lockable trolley for storing laptops and tablets. Can be wheeled into a room when needed, and also easily transportable for off-site use. Space for up to 20 laptops and/or tablets.

1 EPSON EB-X41 Smart HD Ready Office Projector

For use during training sessions, and by youth groups. Current projector is over 15 years old and has no modern connections for use with IT equipment

1 Google Drive Cloud Network

8GB of storage space in use. The on-site server has been removed and can be replaced with Cloud Network storage instead. 15GB is free, additional annual costs will be incurred should usage regularly go over 15GB, Will enable staff to access documents and files off-site.

4 LENOVO IdeaCentre 310 19.5" All-in-One PC

****Optional Request**** it was noted the4 computers staff use to manage the service are over 10 years old, have never been well maintained, and no staff has administration rights to install key software such as an antivirus. In order to allow the staff to fulfill the service to the best of their abilities, I would recommend purchasing newer, modern PC's to help them out.

Sub Total £3,973.00
VAT £0.00
Total £3,973.00