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Quote Date 21st August 2018
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Media Savvy CIC

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Back on the Map IT Healthcheck carried out on 28/8/2018. All public IT equipment were set up as best as possible to allow seamless public use. However, in order for Back on the Map to continue to provide digital services to the public, key equipment, and upgrades were identified in order to allow for modern approaches to delivering services. Please find below quotes for this new equipment.

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7 Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Laptops

For use at Back on the Map premises, and to be loaned to other hubs upon request

1 10 Way 2 Metre surge Tower Extension Cord

10 plug 2m extension cable to allow all laptops to be plugged in to mains power supply. Back on the Map have indicated they would leave laptops out for public use, and have no need for a charging trolley to store laptops away when not in use.

7 Keyed Cable Lock for Laptops

Used to secure laptops to hard surface to prevent users from removing the laptop from its position

1 Google Drive Cloud Network

15GB is free, additional annual costs will be incurred should usage regularly go over 15GB, Will enable staff to access documents and files off-site.

2 Yale Locks YALY73060 60 mm Wall/Floor Anchor Steel

Anchors to secure laptops to with secure cable lock.

7 AmazonBasics 17.3-Inch Laptop Bag

***Optional Extra*** for storing away of laptops and cables, and for easy transportation of laptops when used at other premises

4 LENOVO IdeaCentre 310 19.5" All-in-One PC

For use in Back on the Map IT suite, replacing existing 9 computers, which are below the minimum spec for modern computing. Please note we would replace these with few desktop PC's as laptop use will be more prominant.

7 TeckNet Pro S2 High Performance Wired USB Mouse

Wired USB mouse for use with laptops. Designed to accomodate use for people with RSI and other physical disabilities

Sub Total £3,117.00
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Total £3,117.00