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Invoice Number INV-163
Invoice Date 9th August 2018
Due Date 8th September 2018
Total Due £600.00
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High Tunstall College of Science
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01429 272007

Creation and development of the Wordpress powered website Build Your Own Story. Accessible via Support, developments, and maintenance of website provided by The Legend of Skippy for the duration of one year. It is assumed, as people will be registering and logging in to access content, that hosting will need to be secure. This will be free for the 1st year and will incur a charge of £100 / year thereafter.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Wordpress Powered Website
1 1 Year Support in developing content and maintaining website

This can be anything from logos, text, images, videos and other interactive material to make the website fully accessible and fun to use

Sub Total £600.00
VAT £0.00
Total Due £600.00

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