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Invoice Number INV-216
Invoice Date 11th September 2019
Due Date 11th October 2019
Total Due £60.00
Grainger Financial Planning

Appointment at Grainger FP Premises on Friday 6th September 2019 to resolve several IT issues:

Cora's PC - Antivirus conflict with Windows updates crashed PC on startup (quite severe). System Restore completed to make PC usable again. AVG antivirus removed and replaced with Avira Antivirus. General checkup to identify any other issues and fixed.

Paul's PC - Antivirus swapped to ensure similar issue on Cora's PC doesn't affect Pauls. The view in Paul's emails also changed to allow for emails to appear offline.

Mike's PC - General checkup carried out to speed up computer, and antivirus also swapped to avoid similar issue seen on Cora's PC.

Network Shadow Folders - a recent WDCloud firmware update has caused temporary folders to appear more often. This is due to the way backups are now prepared for scheduled backup, and should not pose any issues to use of network drive.

Oswalds PC - Word documents being saved as HTML pages. Advised on how to change the saving format to Word (.docx), and asked to monitor the issue to see if it corrects it. Oswald also swapped Antivirus on the 2 remaining computers to prevent similar issues seen on Cora's PC.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 IT Support Call out £60.000.00%£60.00
Sub Total £60.00
VAT £0.00
Total Due £60.00

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