Website Creation and Hosting

We're Experts in Numerous Packages, including WordPress and PrestaShop. Get in Contact to See How Skippy can Help
We’re Experts in Numerous Packages, including WordPress and PrestaShop. Get in Contact to See How Skippy can Help

At a Glance

Available Across All our IT Budgets or as a Standalone Service

Websites Built from £100

Secure Hosting: £10 / month

Non-Secure Hosting: £3 / month

Website Backup: £5 / month

Get Your Business, Idea or Blog Online using Skippy’s own Development and Hosting Services

It’s never been a better time to get online and tell the world about the legendary things that you do. From blogs, charities, businesses, organisations, multi-national agencies, and the work from home success stories, everyone has the chance be online and make their presence felt.

Here at The Legend of Skippy, we can make you a website that serves its purpose and so much more! From the latest WordPress releases to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, we can create, host and manage your website for you at low monthly fees. Whether you’re looking for somewhere safe to have your site hosted, allowing you to tinker with it in your own time, or need your entire website built and managed for you, we’ve got the services just for you.

Websites from as Little as £100

That’s all it costs to have a professional website set up for you. Once set up, you are free to customise it, add your own content and make your website just how you have always wanted to be. We’ll be there in the background to help out whenever you need us. We’re experts in various hosting platforms, including WordPress and Joomla to name drop two, so we’re confident we can make you and your online journey a success.

Got The Website? Secure Hosting for only £10 / Month

Websites that are secure rank higher in search engines and make your visitors more confident in your services. For the low monthly cost of £10 / month, enjoy Skippy certified security and peace of mind.

Don’t need secure hosting just yet? Don’t worry, we can also provide non-secure hosting for only £3 / month. No one gets left behind in the Legend of Skippy universe!

For an extra Fiver, Get Your Website Backed Up Automatically Too

Now we really have gone bonkers. For the princely sum of only £5 extra a month, we’ll back your website up for you, either daily, weekly or monthly, whatever suits you. That way, should you run into a few hiccups, we can jump in the Skippy Time Machine (patent pending) and get you back to a point when things were working. No fuss, no issues, no problems. Boom!

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available as part of our IT Contracts, or as a Standalone Service, get in contact with Skippy to see how we can help you. It is, without doubt, probably one of the most important conversations you will have with another person today.