We Want Your Old Tech

We Want Your Old Tech

Do you have some unused or damaged pieces of technology you no longer need? From old phones, tablets, computers and other devices, The Legend of Skippy wants your old technology. We ensure your unnecessary gadgets are repurposed and giving a new lease of life if they can be re-used. And if they can’t we’ll make sure they are recycled in an environmentally friendly way with one of our scrap technology partners.

If you have any unwanted tech just gathering dust, let us have it and we’ll make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

What Happens to Your Old Tech?

There are a few things that could happen to your unwanted technology.

  1. It is fixed and and made available to charities and organisations we support. Skippy works with many charities and local services in the Tees Valley area of the United Kingdom. There is a constant demand for technology to support individuals in need or to help an organisation provide a service. If your old tech can be repaired or repurposed we will do just that and donate it to these vital services. This is just one of the ways we give back to the community, and donated items are always welcome.

2. Your items are used for spare parts to fix other items. As you may of noticed through our repairs and fixes we actively champion reusing and recycling in order to get other pieces of technology back up and running. Parts are always welcome as it helps reduce costs, and allows Skippy to continue publishing his fixes and repairs on the website as a showcase of how things are brought back to life.

3. Some items will be sold to other people that need the parts. Much of our charity support is done within an allocated budget, and in order to ensure this budget remains topped up we will sell some good quality parts to people who need them so that we can continue to support our charities.

4. If the tech can’t be restored, it will be recycled correctly for you. Sometimes donated items are beyond use, so they will be stripped down into individual parts and sent to an appropriate recycling service to either be reused or recycled. All of our recycling partners have the correct licenses and protocols in place to recycle technology, and ensure nothing ends up in landfill, which is great for our strong environmental beliefs. If we end up recycling any of your technology we will inform you which partner we are using and provide you with the appropriate certificate details so that you can have piece of mind knowing your tech is being disposed of correctly.

Lastly, Just for Your Piece of Mind

  • If you donate any item that has any personal data on it, we will contact you to make sure this data is returned to you. If you don’t want the data it will be formatted and wiped so that no one else see’s it. We have no interest in your personal information here at The Legend of Skippy, and would never sell it to a third party or use it in an inappropriate way. It is erased as soon as you inform us you don’t want the data back.
  • We welcome both individual items and large quantities of technology in any condition. Please let us know what you are hoping to send us using the form below. 99% of the time we will accept it, but please wait for confirmation from us before sending it to us.
  • Please unlink / sign out of any devices before sending them. If you have any devices, much as phones or tablets, that are linked to a user account please ensure, if possible, they are signed or removed from the account so that it can be repurposed without delays.

To start the process of sending Skippy your unwanted technology please fill in the form below. We will be in contact with you soon afterwards to process your request.

Please give us a quick run down of the tech you are looking to send us, as well as details of the condition of items.
We will use this to contact you regarding your repair
Anything else you need to tell us, please pop it in this box.