Staff Training

Staff Training
Get your staff up to speed with training provided by Skippy

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Available Across our On-Site and Total IT Management Budgets or as a Standalone Service

Training Sessions from £150 / day

Enchance your Staff’s Skillset by  Offering On-Site IT Training by Skippy

Whether you’re looking to improve the skills of your existing staff or have new people starting who need to be brought up to speed, The Legend of Skippy can provide your business with bespoke IT training, tailored to what you need. Micorosft Office training, data legislation, internet use training, and many more. We can provide a quality service that is just right for you and your team.

Training from Only £150 / day for up to 10 Participants

Our most popular triaining service is Microsoft Office. With all our sessions we like to offer a personal, hands-on service, taking into account the skills of the indivudal. With this in mind, all our trianing is designed for between 2 – 10 people, allowing us the time to address the group, and also help on an indivudal basis. A maxiumum of 10 people allows us to balance this service well, and the feedback we get from this approach is always positive.

We’ll be There to Help in the Future Too

Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Often people will absorb information through training, process it and then not quite get it right the first time. This is normal, and sometimes people just needed to be reminded. All our training packages come with a complimentary support service via email, so that any learners who need a bit more advice outside of training can contact us if they need some encouragement.

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available as part of On-Site and Total IT Management Budgets, or as a Standalone Service, get in contact with Skippy to see how our training can help you and your business.