Social Media Management

Social Media Management
Social Media is huge. Skippy can help you make sense of it all.

At a Glance

Available Across All our IT Budgets or as a Standalone Service

Your Social Media Accounts and Services Managed from £5/month

In an Online World Where Everyone can be Heard, You Need to Stand Out

There is, quite literally, a plethora of social media websites out there that claim to connect you and your business to others. From the big hitters like Facebook and Twitter to the niche markets of Blogger and Pinterst. It’s a busy place, and it’s important to stand out, using each platform effectively. Skippy can help ensure your voice is heard.

Getting Started is Just the Beginning…

It’s very easy to open a social media account on any platform and start communicating with people. Many services exist that do just that, set you up and leave you to your own devices. Here at The Legend of Skippy, we take a bit more care and attention with you. We’ll get you started, or help an existing campaign, and stick around to make sure you’re doing things correctly. Every platform behaves differently, so tailored advice and services are needed across each social network.

…the Content is Just as Important

Once you start using social media, you should be providing regular updates on your activities to your followers and fans. This can be through regular posts, professional photos, videos or music. Skippy can help you create this content and ensure it reaches the people you want to communicate with.

Connect with the World From only £5 / month

Run a group? A page? An account? Need something creating? Need something sharing? From only £5 / month we can help. We love social media here at The Legend of Skippy and can appreciate it can be quite time-consuming or intense for others. Skippy will be there every step of the way to ensure you can be successful with your digital presence.

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available as part of our IT Contracts, or as a Standalone Service, get in contact with Skippy to see how you can be connected to the world through the complexities of social media.