Site Visits and On-Site Repairs

Site Visits and On-Site Repairs
Skippy’s award-winning on-site repair service helps keep your business running

At a Glance

Available Across our On-Site and Total IT Management Budgets or as a Standalone Service

On-Site Support for £30 / hour

Need to Get Something Repaired? Skippy Can be there to Help

No computer, or any other piece of equipment for that matter, deserves to be left abandoned. It came out of the planet to serve a purpose, and we’ll do everything in our power to get it back up and running. Arrange for Skippy to visit your premises and let us get your hardware back up and running. Computers, tablets, mobiles, printers, servers. You name it, we fix it!

Our Customers Love our Service

Maybe its Skippy’s personality, or how excited we get when we fix something, but our customers often comment on how positive and upbeat we are, even when it seems impending failure is looming. Not only do we fix the problem, but we’ll put in place measures to try and make sure this same issue doesn’t happen again.

Prefer to Send it to Us? Don’t Worry, We Accept Deliveries Too!

The great thing about IT Support is that you never know what you are walking into until you see the problem with your own eyes. Something which should only take a short while to fix could, at times, end up being a lot more severe and take a little longer. Our callouts are all appointment based, usually within 5-7 days after you have booked your appointment. If you would prefer to post your equipment to us, and beat the queue, we are happy to accept that too. Get in contact with us to discuss the best option.

For Best Results, Tell us Everything

In order to ensure your equipment is fixed efficiently, we need to know everything about what happened. Don’t worry, we won’t be expecting you to tell us a load of technical lingo, but please explain what has happened from your own point of view so that we can get the issue sorted promptly.

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Things Fixed?

Available as part of On-Site and Total IT Management Budgets, or as a Standalone Service, get in contact with Skippy to get your appointment booked. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can to ensure your equipment is back up and running as quickly as possible.