Printing and Photocopying Solutions

Printing and Photocopying Solutions
Skippy is a Papercut Reseller and Google Cloud Print Specialist. We can help make your printing be awesome!

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Available on our Total IT Management Service Only

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Manage Your Business Printing Solutions with Papercut

The Legend of Skippy is an approved reseller of Papercut, a powerful piece of software that lets you control and manage your business printing effortlessly. With Papercut, you can monitor staff use, release documents held in a printing queue (perfect for secure printing), and even send things to your printer via email or over the cloud. It truly is a powerful tool that makes your printing needs run smoothly.

We Work With Local Suppliers to Get you the Best Service

When you request us to find you a printing solution, the fun begins for us. We have good connections with lots of local printing services near you, to ensure you get the best service and support readily available when you need it. We’ll negotiate a deal for you, ensure you get the service you need, and then get the equipment fitted. We will then use part of your IT Budget to pay the monthly cost of running a printer or photocopier, and be on site regularly to manage the equipment, make any changes needed, and be on hand to contact the local provider if there is something we can’t quite figure out.

When it comes to print solutions we have found local is best. Support is usually available the same day, and issues can be resolved quickly by a team of local, reliable technicians. We maintain the equipment on their behalf, and pay the bill out of your IT budget to make sure it keeps working!

Don’t Need Papercut, Let us Show You Google Cloud Printing Instead

Just as powerful as Papercut, but with limited management in comparison, Google Cloud Printing can allow you to connect to your printer anywhere in the world and send documents to it directly. This is great for large businesses that are spread out over multiple locations, and also for the busy business who needs to be able to print from anywhere at any time. Google Cloud Printing is a free service, and the only cost involved would be purchasing new ink, paper, and general maintenance of your printer.

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available on our Total IT Management Service Only, get in contact with Skippy to see how we can help make your printed documents work best for you.