On Site Server Management

On Site Server Management
Skippy can manage your on-site Server for you

At a Glance

Available on our Total IT Management Service Only

Server installation and setup from £5,000

Support and Maintenance from £100 / month

Our Premium Server Management Service Will Ensure your Business Remains Ready

Setting up and managing a server for a business is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks a busy business can take on. Here at The Legend of Skippy, we’ve been there, done it, and want to help you manage your on-site server so that you have one less thing to worry about. We are experts in Windows Servers, as well as Network Management of Switches, Routers and Relays. No matter what the future brings, we can be there to make sure your IT infrastructure is ready for it.

Access Everything From Any Workstation

Documents, files, photos, music, and videos. Log in to any computer on your domain and they will be there waiting for you. Network your printer too to make sure it is accessible by everyone. Give access to files only some people can access and others can’t. Lastly, keep it safe, secure and backed up. Servers and network management are a big responsibility, and we can help make it as simple as it possibly can be.

Looking to Purchase a Server? Get in Contact and We’ll Aim to Find you a Good Deal

Servers and networks, in general, are expensive projects. It’s important to get the best deal with the best quality. Skippy has a fantastic relationship with various Server suppliers, and we can discuss getting you the best deal for whatever your requirements are. We will never compromise on quality (good equipment can be used for many years, saving money long-term), and will never encourage businesses to cut corners. If you need a network, with a server at the center of it all, its good to get it right the first time.

We Can Work With Your Existing Network Manager to Help

We encourage sharing our knowledge with others and are happy to work with your existing provider or staff to ensure your equipment is set up and functional. We’ll put in place guides and best practices for future plans and rules too. With networks and servers getting more complicated, its good to communicate with others to ensure the best decision is made going forward.

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available on our Total IT Management Service Only, get in contact with Skippy to see how we can help you with your server and network management needs. If you’re not technical minded, don’t worry, we will try to talk in normal English as much as possible (nobody likes to be bamboozled by technical lingo).