Cloud Database Creation and Management

Cloud Database
Your Own Database, on the Cloud, Managing Everything. Skippy can Build this for you.

At a Glance

Available Across our On-Site and Total IT Management Budgets Only

Development from £1,500

Secure Hosting from £10 / month

Data Backed up for £5 / month

Keep on Top of Your Business Activities with a Custom Built Secure Database from Skippy

Our most requested business service since 2016 has been our bespoke database developments. When we first launched this service we had no idea how popular it would become, with thousands of these systems now in use globally. Many businesses rely heavily on ensuring their data is well managed and stored securely. Put your trust in The Legend of Skippy, and join our ever-growing network of organisations who run their own secure databases that are accessible anywhere in the world.

What Can the Database Be?

Put simply, and this is why it has proven to be so successful, your database can do anything that you need it to do. We develop our databases using a combination of SQL, PHP, and other programming languages to give you the best experience available in terms of usability and secure data analysis. Examples of the types of databases we have built include appointment systems, room hire, global logistics, medical support services and national government data. The possibilities are huge, with Skippy yet to find a service that couldn’t be improved by having a database built to organise it. We involve you in the development from the very beginning and build the system around your needs and requirements.

Skippy is Fully GDPR Compliant, and Registered with the ICO as Approved Data Handlers

Ever since the new data protection rules (known as GDPR) were first discussed, we’ve been there listen in and contributing to the changes. We know GDPR like the back of our hands, and offer solutions that ensure the data you hold is safe, secure and only used for its intended purpose. As part of this, Skippy is registered with the ICO (reference number A8365186) as an approved data handler, following all procedures correctly.

For an extra Fiver, Get Your Database Backed Up Automatically Too

For the princely sum of only £5 extra a month, we’ll back your database and data for you, either daily, weekly or monthly, whatever suits you. That way, should you run into a few hiccups, we can jump in the Skippy Time Machine (patent pending) and get you back to a point when things were working. No fuss, no issues, no problems. Boom!

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available as part of On-Site and Total IT Management Budgets, get in contact with Skippy to see how we can help you. It is, without doubt, probably one of the most important conversations you will have with another person today.