Cloud Wi-Fi Setup and Management

Cloud Wi-Fi Setup and Management
Skippy is an approved Cisco Meraki Reseller, and can provide amazing wifi for your whole business

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Available on our Total IT Management Service Only

Regular Monthly Costs Apply

Stay Connected and Be Online with 100% Coverage in your Business Premises and Beyond

Cisco Meraki is the worlds most trusted cloud internet service. Using a fantastically intuitive dashboard and hardware, the days of complete wifi coverage in your business are here. The Legend of Skippy can source the equipment, install it all, manage it for you, and pay the annual subscription costs to keep the service maintained and active. Each of the access points supplied by Cisco provides amazing wifi coverage, and enable staff to seamlessly stay connected to the internet, even in the hardest to reach areas. Got an area that has poor coverage? No problem, simply add an access point in that area and that weak signal becomes a thing of the past!

We Can Manage the Whole Network for you

Whether that’s on-site, or managing the system remotely, Skippy will be there to ensure your wifi remains up-to-date, secure and offering the best coverage to every member of staff that needs it. Cisco Meraki allows for the system to be accessed anywhere in the world, so if you have any issues we can access the system rapidly and check everything. If it is a hardware issue, we’ll be there swiftly to diagnose and fix.

The Merki service is an annual subscription, based on the number of access points you have within your business. We’ll use your IT budget to ensure this service remains active and online for everyone to use. Although the costs are annual, we’ll ensure the service is budgeted for monthly, ensuring that when it is time to renew the service that the funds to do it are already available.

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available on our Total IT Management Service Only, get in contact with Skippy to see how we can offer this fantastic wifi and internet solution to your business today.