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Avira Antivirus
Stay Safe online with award-winning Antivirus software from Avira

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Antivirus and Malware Protection from only £1.50 / month

Stay Safe and Protect Your Data Online With Award Winning Antivirus Software from Avira

We love Avira antivirus here at The Legend of Skippy. That little umbrella that sits there on your computer or phone, silently protecting you in a connected world is just fantastic. We had a lot of antivirus providers contact us to see if we would offer their products to our customers, but hands down, Avira was the best solution. From as little as £1.50 / month, Skippy can provide Avira antivirus for your business so that, you too, can experience their brilliance.

What is Avira?

Avira is an antivirus solution, originating in Germany, that adapts to the specification of your computer. Unlike some other software that slows your computer or phone down and uses unnecessary resources, Avira is a compact, optimized solution that gets the job done. It offers real-time protection, instant scanning of open files, and automatic detection and deletion of security threats instantly. Overall, we think its the best solution around for both business and home users.

It’s not all about Avira Though. For Malware, we Recommend Malwarebytes

Most of our customers are tech savvy enough to know how to stay safe on the internet. For those who need a bit of extra protection though, we would also recommend Malwarebytes, which is fantastic for eliminating threats antivirus might miss, like pop-ups and bloatware, often called Malware. If you require additional security like this, please just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

Already Suffering from a Security Threat or Virus Attack?

We’ve got you covered. Skippy can help resolve these issues in a safe and correct manner. Often, if an existing issue already exists, antivirus software is probably damaged, and a repair service is needed. Visit our setup and repair page for more information.

Sounds Good Right? Ready to Get Started?

Available as part of our IT Contracts, or as a Standalone Service, get in contact with Skippy to discuss your best antivirus solution.