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Engage with people in the digital age with Social Media Management provided by The Legend of Skippy

Social Media Management

Communication is the means by which we tell people about all of the incredible things that are going on in our day to day lives. Often this communication takes the form of engaging with people across various social media platforms. Ensure your social media remains useful and beneficial to what you do with support from The Legend of Skippy.

Skippy can Manage your Social Media from only £10 / month

There are so many different platforms to use to stay connected to people in this modern, globalized world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus. These are just a few of the platforms that Skippy is an expert in, and we can help you unlock the full potential of these platforms and manage them for you. This support is available from only £10 per month for each platform.

How Does Skippy Manage Your Social Media?

There is no magic trick to making social media work for you, it simply comes with good knowledge and expertise. Here at The Legend of Skippy we've been running all manner of social media campaigns since 2005, and we like to think we know what it takes to make them successful. Success isn't measured in numbers, but more in the content and the active engagement you have with your followers. Quality content shared with enthusiastic people is the best method of connecting with an audience and ensuring your stories are heard by the people who want to hear them.

We're not going to promise you thousands of likes or followers within a short space of time. We're not going to guarantee your advertising will be viewed by thousands of people in a week. Those goals, particularly if you are new to social media, are unrealistic and unprofessional. What we instead promise is to allow your social media presence to grow naturally, ensure your content is as good as it possibly can be, and work with yourself to ensure over time your social media presence connects with the right people who, ultimately, want to engage with you.

We can promise you that, unlike other businesses, we will not artificially grow your social media presence by buying likes or followers from bots or fake accounts. Everyone who will follow you on your social media platforms will do so willingly because they want to stay connected to you.

Why do we Know we can be Successful?

We've done it before, and been recognized for the outstanding work we do. We run hundreds of Facebook campaigns every year, we manage various twitter accounts for organizations and people. Across Skippy's own global network of social media we have a global reach of just under a 1 billion people. We have an exceptional relationship with Google and Facebook, to name just two of the companies we work with, to ensure your social media is as amazing as it possibly can be.

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