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Remote IT Support Provided by The Legend of Skippy

Remote Support

We think it's important to have someone to rely on to ensure your IT equipment continues to work effectively. Often at times, it can be difficult to take a computer or other devices, to a computer shop so it can be fixed. If the issue is software related why not try our Remote Support service.

What is Remote Support?

Remote support is when a computer is accessed across the internet so that it can be fixed. If the issue is something software related it can be cost effective to request remote support to fix the issue. This saves on call out charges and is ideal if you are a long distance away from a local software support engineer. Support can be provided securely over the internet using specialist software that allows for a secure, safe connection to your device.

Remote support can be used to set up a computer when it is difficult to get to your premises, install a printer on a new computer, or provide IT support for issues relating to software. The possibilities are endless.

What Software does Skippy use for Remote Support?

Since 2016 The Legend of Skippy has been an official supplier and software tester for Teamviewer, the world's most trustworthy software for remote access to your computer. We use Teamviewer to securely connect to your device using a Support ID and Password combination. Whilst connected we can control your computer to help resolve the issue you are having, and once we are complete we disconnect from the computer and give control back to you.

Instructions on how to download and run Teamviewer will be provided prior to the Remote Support service we offer.

How Much Does Remote Support Cost?

It ultimately depends on what you need support on, but as a rough calculation, we normally charge £15 / hour for a remote support session. We will always quote you on the cost before we carry out the remote support work, ensuring that there are no sudden costs that you weren't expecting.

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