Samsung Laptop – Not Switching on

The next fix I had to figure out was a Samsung laptop that hadn’t switched on for a number of years. Thinking that the laptop was broken, it had been put in storage by the owners and forgotten about, until it was needed again a number of years later. Surprisingly the laptop specification was still relatively modern (Windows 10, 6GB RAM, 2.16 GHz Processor), so I was excited to see if I could get it working.

In order to diagnose the fault on this laptop (no power going to any components), I used a Multimeter to test the voltage of the power supply and also various sectors on the motherboard. Samsung laptops have a bit of a bizarre power transfer setup – the power board is separate to the motherboard, as opposed to a typical laptop being just a large motherboard with the power connecting directly to it.

I could see that the power supply’s voltage wasn’t constant. For a few seconds it remained steady at 19V, before dropping down to 5V, 12V and then back up to 19V, before repeating the process.

No matter what the power supply was doing, the power board wasn’t receiving any power at all. I therefore diagnosed the issue as a combination of a faulty power supply and power board, and was optimistic I could get it working by replacing these parts.

And so the parts where ordered! Usually I would expect these to arrive in a few days, but due to the COVID-19 crisis delivery actually took closer to 3 weeks.

Reassembling the laptop with the new parts was exciting. I took the opportunity to check all of the components again with the Multimeter with the new power board and power cable, and could see power was being transferred. Screwing the laptop back together, checking everything was in correctly, and attempting to switch it on yielded this result…

Samsung Laptop Working

…and so the laptop lived again!


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