Replacing a Broken Screen on a Lenovo 100S Laptop

I was giving this laptop to fix a couple of days ago, but had to wait for a new screen to be delivered in order to replace it. Now that it has arrived, let’s get this laptop screen replaced.

Remove the Plastic Bezel

This was easy. With only slight pressure I was able to pull off the plastic bezel surrounding the screen. Once it was removed, I was able to see the full extent of the damage, and gain access to the screws holding the screen in place.

Plastic Bezel Removed

Unscrew Screen and Pull Out Monitor Cable

4 screw held the monitor in place, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. Once removed I gained access to the screen cable on the back of the screen. If a small amount of pulling power, not to hard otherwise the cable would rip, I slowly unplugged the cable, releasing the screen.

Screen Cable About to be Removed

Offering up the New Screen

The new screen was a perfect fit and connected easily to the screen cable again. All it needed was a gentle push to connect it into place to make sure it stayed connected. Once connected, I positioned it back in the screen frame and switched the laptop on to confirm the screen worked. Happily, it did.

Confirm New Screen Works

Putting the Laptop Back Together

With the power cable unplugged again, I screwed 3 of the 4 screws back into place to hold the screen in the frame. The top right screw was covered by a screen protector, so I peeled this off gently, and positioned the last remaining screw.

Removing Protective Cover

It was then simply a case of reattaching the plastic bevel, lining it up and clipping it back into position gently, ensuring no plastic clips were left exposed.

Switching the laptop on for the final time, the new screen worked perfectly and looked stunning once again.

Laptop with New Screen


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