New Screen and Button Fitted on an iPhone 7

The iPhone 7’s are relatively straight forward to fix compared to the newer iPhone models. As long as you keep track of the tiny screws you have to take out, and operate very gently it is one of the easier phones to fix.

In this fix, I had the pleasure of replacing a smashed screen and home button, but unfortunately there is one more fix to get sorted too, which I will come onto later.

The screen can be removed by unscrewing the holding screws at the bottom of the iPhone, and gently lifting up the screen using a suction cup and prying tool, from the bottom to the top and then resting the screen on the right hand side to prevent the internal ribbons being damaged. This will enable the two metal shields holding the camera and screen in place to be removed, and the ribbons gently released using a prying too. Once these have been detached the screen and phone are separated.

iPhone 7 with Screen Removed

The new screen did not come with a home button, metal panel or camera, so these had to be taken from the old screen and placed on the new one. Once again this is fairly straight forward to do as long as you are gentle and put the screws back in the same position they were removed from. The home button in particular is fairly fragile, so it is important to gentle disconnect it from the old screen, feed it through the home button hole, using tweezers to not put any undue pressure on the component.

Fitting the iPhone 7 Home Button

The camera can also be a bit fiddly as the ribbon needs a small amount of pressure applying to pull it off the old screen, but again staying composed and being forceful but gentle is the way to do it.

The screen was then put back into place, tested, and confirmed as working. I also confirmed the button worked too by using it to return to various pages on the phone.

iPhone 7 Working with New Screen and Home Button

However, this fix isn’t over yet. Testing the camera revealed that there is a crack going through the front camera, causing a kaleidoscope effect, which just isn’t great. I shall have to order a new camera, and also replace the ribbon in case it is also damaged. I shall let you know how this goes once the new camera arrives.


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