iPhone X Screen Repair and Sensor Transfer

A momentous day in the history of The Legend of Skippy. The first filmed repair! Here I am fixing an iPhone X with a broken screen. I filmed this using a GoPro and a custom-built shoulder strap to give you all a sense of what I see when I am fixing things. I’ve sped it up to x4 speed.

iPhone X’s are fragile phone to fix. I had to transfer the sensors from the old screen onto the new one to ensure the owner could still use the phone as normal. The hardest part was getting the sensor out, and you can see in the video I struggled to get it disconnected, but by staying calm and gently applying pressure I eventually got it removed and swapped over. After around about an hour’s work, I had the new screen attached and working perfectly.

Filming wise I am very happy with how it went. At no point was the camera in the way, meaning I could concentrate on the actual repair. I created the video using Lightworks video editor (just the free version), and I think going forward I will be looking to upgrade my license so that I can publish in at least High Definition. I also need to adjust the camera to point down a little more as there are key parts, particularly on the reassembly, that are missed.

All in all the fix went well and the new screen and sensor swap is working great, and I am over the moon with this first attempt at filming. I shall definitely continue this!


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