iPhone 8 Chassis Replacement

This one is a long one folks. An iPhone 8 total rebuild inside a new chassis. It went well considering this was the first time I had attempted such a repair. So many small screws and tiny components, but it all went back together perfectly.

There were, of course, some minor issues. You will see I got so fixated on removing the battery I forgot all about the haptic feedback sensor, and the connector came away from the part. The owner was OK with this, but if they decide they want that piece working I will replace it.

Other than that, everything went great, apart from occasionally forgetting which parts go where, but I eventually got there. Not shown at the end of the video is me screwing in the final two screws in the frame to complete the build, and then charging up the phone to test it (I’d had it for a week waiting for the parts to arrive), It worked first time, powering up and all systems, apart from mobile signal, were working, so I was over the moon.

****Update on Mobile Signal***

Its now 3 days after the repair, and the owner has collected the phone. They are aware the mobile data doesn’t work, and it was a known issues. The motherboard is faulty, and ideally needs replacing, but for what the phone is used for a new chassis will suffice for now. If they decide to fit a new motherboard I’ll be happy to do it for them.


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