iPad With a Broken Screen and a Dirty Case

It’s been a while since I posted an update on the website folks, so sorry about that. I’ve been so inundated with fixes I physically didn’t have time to publish them. Coupled with a busy household due to the school holidays, the ongoing drama of Covid-19, I think it is fair to say it has been a bit manic for everyone.

Nevertheless, I am now back, organised and fixing things yet again.

Here we have an iPad that had suffered what the owner thought was just a hairline crack across the screen, but once I took the case off it was apparent there was a hole to fix too. The case was very dirty inside too, built up with years of dirt and grime, so that needed cleaning as well to give a good finish.

The digitizer for the iPad came off in pieces. I used a hairdryer for a about 30 seconds on the edges of the iPad to make it easier to remove, before prying it off as best as I could. Inevitably smaller pieces wouldn’t come off easily, so I had to pick them off by hand. After 25 minutes of picking I had the digitizer off, the edges cleaned (for the new adhesive to stick properly), and the LCD screen unscrewed and removed.

I’ve had a few awkward fixes lately involving the iPad home button. Transplanting the original button onto a new digitizer never seems to go well for me (they just don’t seem to sit well when I reattach them). I’ve made the decision to always replace the home button when fitting a new digitizer on an iPad, and this fix was no exception. Yes the touch ID won’t work anymore, but it just improves the quality of the fix, and the owner wasn’t too bothered about the touch ID.

After cleaning the internal parts with a brush I reassembled the iPad, attaching the ribbons, applying the adhesive, putting the LCD screen back in and sticking down the new digitizer. I then carefully washed the case it was, removing as much dirt as I could find, and drying it gently with a towel. After that it was then a simple task of popping the iPad back in, clipping on the front panel of the case, and hey presto, the iPad is fixed.

The Fixed iPad in its Case


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