Installing Office 365 on a Netbook with Limited Storage Space

Today I have the task of installing Office 365 on a netbook laptop with only 32GB of storage. This would normally be enough storage space to install Office 365 (the netbook is running Windows 10 Home), but even though there is nothing saved directly on the laptop, with regards to documents or files, it is stating there is only 2.08GB of space available (office 365 is a 2.9GB install).

Limited space available on HDD

Let’s try and figure out how we can free up some space to get Office installed.

Remove any Unnecessary Apps from Windows 10

Going into Settings > Apps, I checked all of the installed apps and removed any which I deemed to be unnecessary for how the customer uses the netbook. This involved removing any preinstalled games, trial software, and any apps that where not needed by the customer.

Uninstall any Unnecessary Apps

Delete the SoftwareDistribution folder contents

Next up, I headed to C Drive > Windows > SoftwareDistribution, and deleted the contents of this folder (The DataStore folder couldn’t be deleted, so I skipped it). This is the folder Windows Updates are installed in, and just in case any updates had failed, clearing this folder will free up space for the updates to download fresh again.

Delete SoftwareDistribution folder

Run a System Disk Cleanup

Opening the Windows menu and running disk cleanup, in the elevated, System Files Disk Cleanup, allowed me to see any other unnecessary files that could be removed. This process took about 15 minutes to run. After this, I then restarted the netbook.

Disk Cleanup

Run Windows Update to Install Updates

Having just deleted all of the update data, I then connected the laptop to the internet and installed any updates that needed installing. The laptop was then restarted again, and a System Files Disk Cleanup was run again.

Install Windows 10 Updates

5GB of space now free, install Office!

At last I had a good amount of space available, and was able to download Office 365 and install it. Once installed I deleted the SoftwareDistribution contents again, ran disk cleanup again, and restarted the netbook.

Office 365 Installed

It was now reported that 4.81GB of storage was free, and Office 365 was installed.

Free space


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