How to Activate Windows 10 When Your Digital License Fails

Are you struggling to activate your Windows 10 Operating System, even though your license is included digitally? It can be frustrating to attempt to activate your system and to be greeted with an unknown error, or a less then helpful message that tells you nothing.

Here is a solution for getting your Windows 10 License up and running.

Head on over to the Microsoft Store and search for the ‘ShowKeyPlus’ app. Download it and launch it. Once loaded, you will be able to see your OEM License, which is essentially your Product Key for Windows 10.

ShowKeyPlus app

Next, head on to your Windows Settings (Start Menu > Settings), and go to Update & Security > Activation. Ignore all of the options at the top, and head on down to select ‘Change Your Product Key’.

Sadly, ShowKeyPlus doesn’t allow you to copy and paste, so you will need to type in your OEM License in to the field that appears. Take your time, and enter the license how you see it, and press Next. Your license will be checked, and then press Activate to manually activate your system.

Enter Product Key

This process takes a few moments, but afterwards you should have a fully functioning Windows 10 Operating System, ready to be used in whatever manner you use your device for.

Windows 10 Activated

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