Fixing an iPhone 6S – Freezes 10 Seconds after Switching On

My next fix is an iPhone 6S that would either hang on the Apple logo screen or completely freeze up after around 10 seconds of unlocking the phone. This made the iPhone unusable and left the customer frustrated.

Fixing it was a slow process. I physically did not have time to connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi to download any updates before it crashed, and attempting to put the iPhone in recovery mode ended with just a black loading screen.

Step forward iTunes!

I plugged the phone into my laptop and practiced pressing the correct button combination within a second of the phone being recognised. After 45 minutes of trying, iTunes not recognising the phone a couple of times, and eventually getting the phone in recovery mode (all be it with a black screen), I was able to restore the phone and install the latest update for the iPhone.

After 20 minutes the update installed on the iPhone. I could already tell going through the set up screens that the phone was a lot more responsive. Working with the owner, we were able to log into their iCloud account and restore the latest backup. After initially setting it up the phone then downloaded all of the apps and photos previously installed automatically. I was also able to use the phone perfectly without the phone freezing.

I’m happy to say the phone now works perfectly and is back in use.

iPhone 6S Working


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