Fixing an iPhone 5s with a Severely Damaged Screen

One of my tasks today was to replace the screen on a badly damaged iPhone 5s. The screen damage made it look worse than it actually was, inside everything was working perfectly. The phone also had a dent in the bottom right hand corner, meaning that the frame would need to be prised out before the new screen would fit properly.

iPhone 5S with a Smashed Screen

First I began by unscrewing the two screws at the bottom of the phone holding the screen in place. I then used some prying tools to gently lift the screen up, disconnecting the home button when I got to a 30-degree angle, before holding the screen at a 90-degree angle to unscrew the metal plate holding the screen connectors down.

Disconnecting the iPhone 5S Ribbons

I took the opportunity to clean the inside of the iPhone, which had lots of grit and dirt along the edge. This would help the new screen fit better.

It was then time to offer up the new screen, connect the screen connectors, and power on the phone to ensure it worked before replacing the metal plate. Thankfully it did work!

iPhone 5S New Screen Offered Up

I then used some pliers to very gently bend the damaged corner back into shape, ensuring the frame was as symmetrical as I could get it, before gently reconnecting the phone button and gently pushing the edges of the screen into the frame from the top to the bottom. I then screwed the two screws in at the bottom.

Reconnecting the iPhone 5S Home Button

Switching the phone on, I was delighted to see it worked. This particular model of phone is quite small, so it was quite fiddly at times, particularly with my big hands and fingers, to attach the cables, but I remained calm and gentle and got it fixed.

iPhone 5S Now Working with New Screen


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