Fixing a Samsung Tablet with a ‘failed to find /misc partition’ Error

I’m a fully converted Tablet aficionado at the moment. I’ve recently just bought myself an iPad, my first actual tablet, after years of just owning a phone and laptop. Having a tablet means I don’t have to sit at my laptop for so long as I can be checking my emails and catching up with people anytime.

But when tablets stop working they can be a bit of a problem. Today’s task was to fix a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Model SM-T585, that for no reason decided one day not to boot its Operating System. Instead, it simply booted automatically into Recovery Mode and stated it couldn’t find the partition.

Odin Software Installing ROM

With errors like this I turn to a piece of software called Odin (version 3.13.3 at the time of writing). Odin is Samsung’s ROM installing software, and in true Android ‘open source’ spirit, it’s readily available to download and use.

In order to fix this tablet I needed the following (I’m using a Windows 10 laptop):

  • The latest version of Odin –
  • The Stock ROM for the SM-T585 tablet – this was a pain to get. This tablet is a few years old now, and no longer supported. I managed to find it on a Samsung fan group forum. You could sign up for free and download the ROM at a slower speed, or pay membership and download it super quick. I’m not one for rushing a fix, so I went the long route, and 2 and half hours later I had the 1.6GB ROM files downloaded. If I’d have paid I could have gotten it in 30 seconds.
  • A USB cable to connect the tablet to your PC or Laptop
  • The Samsung USB Drivers for Windows –

Once you have everything, first of all get the Samsung USB drivers installed on your computer so that Odin can detect the tablet. Next, run Odin on your computer, and add the BL, AP, CP, and CSC files in the correct selection boxes. Finally, put the tablet in download mode by pressing the Power, Volume Down and Home button at the same time when switching it on, and select Volume Up when prompted to confirm.

Connect the tablet to the PC using a USB cable. Odin should hopefully detect the tablet and a blue box will appear at the top. Hit the Start button in Odin, and let it transfer the files to the tablet and set them up. For me this process took around 7 minutes.

Once Odin says it has completed, disconnect the tablet from your computer, and let the tablet boot itself up. If all has progressed well you should be greeted with the initial Samsung Setup Screen, and then it is simply a case of going through the options to set the tablet up as new.

And just like that we have a full functional tablet again. Boom!

The Samsung Tablet Working Again


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