ASUS Laptop OS Error – Black Screen Fix

The next fix in the workshop was a purple ASUS laptop, 4GB RAM running Windows 10…except it wasn’t because it never got past the black loading screen. The only item visible on the screen was the cursor, and nothing else ever loaded.

I contacted the owner of the laptop asking if there was anything on the laptop that needed recovering. This included things like documents, pictures, music, videos, etc. The owner said there was nothing on it, stating it hadn’t been responsive for a while so it was just kept in a cupboard for months.

This was an easy decision then – reinstall Windows 10 and take it from there.

I created a USB boot drive using my laptop and inserted it into the laptop. Pressing F2 gave me the option to choose the boot device, so I chose the USB stick, allowed it to load, and reinstalled Windows 10 after deleting all of the partitions.

45 minutes later, and after a few nervous waits where the laptop just paused. Windows 10 was installed. I noticed the laptop was still rather sluggish, although there were no obvious signs of damage on any of the internal components (I checked beforehand). It was then I realised the device drivers probably needed installing, so I loaded up Device Manager and installed any devices that hadn’t already installed.

Device Manager, Devices Needing to be Installed

After a reboot, the laptop performance soon improved, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was running. I installed Google Chrome, installed any Updates via Windows Update, ran Disk Cleanup, and set the Virtual Memory to the recommended levels. After one final reboot, this laptop was fully functioning again. I created a Restore Point in System Restore, knowing the laptop was working well, so if the owner has any further issues I can use that to restore the laptop to a point when it worked.

Setting a Restore Point


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