Book an Appointment with Skippy

Looking to book an appointment with Skippy to get your technology fixed? Then this is the page for you!

Use this rather incredible system below to get your appointment booked. Skippy offers site visits, online or telephone appointments, or remote support using TeamViewer. Individuals, businesses, government services, organisations and charities of all shapes and sizes are welcome, and Skippy will try his best to offer you the best support and advice possible.

And just a heads up, site visits and home visits are only available to UK locations, and may be subject to travel costs. If you are based outside of the UK please only use the remote, online or telephone appointments for your booking.

Have you paid for annual support in advance? Don’t forget to use your discount code when making an appointment to cancel any up-front costs. If you aren’t sure what your discount code is then please get in contact.

How to Use Skippy’s Appointment System

  1. Select an available date from the calendar.
  2. Select an available 1-hour time slot in your chosen date.
  3. In Extras, chose what type of appointment you would like.
  4. If you have a discount code, enter it in the Coupons field (select ‘Pay on Arrival’ when choosing payment method).
  5. Confirm your reservation and enter your contact details.
  6. Chose to pay for the appointment now, or pay later.
  7. Press the Book Now button to send the boking request.

Easy peasy! Within a few minutes your appointment can be made effortlessly. Once it is submitted it will be checked by Skippy himself, and he’ll be in contact to discuss the appointment. Please be advised appointments are booked at least 7 days in advance.

Skippy can’t wait to help you!

Not sure if you need an appointment? Don’t worry, get in contact via the contact page and Skippy will nudge you in the right direction for the best support.